My Prince Will Come: Getting Ready for Our Lord's Return

Sheri Rose Shepherd

$ 14.00
My Prince Will Come: Getting Ready for Our Lord's Return

All of Sheri Rose's best teaching in one great book

As featured on the Focus on the Family Broadcast

Refresh your soul and enjoy a journey as you draw close to your Prince...Jesus.

Filled with heartwarming stories, life changing truth and the timeless wisdom of the word of God, this inspiring book gives all of us an eternal view of who we really are "The Bride of Christ.” It hits the heart of every woman who wants to experience true freedom.

Topics Cover:

* Discovering your Royal Call
* The Art of Loving One Another
* Emotionally Free
* Eating for Excellence
* Getting Ready for our Lord's return

Great for group or personal study.

What Readers are saying:

As an avid reader of Christian books (maybe thousands of them), I ordered this book along with Sheri's Prayers from Your King, and I cried all the way through chapter one. I feel the Holy Spirit has revealed an area in my life : not really believing I am loved - looking for approval from others and God. I am moving toward a new freedom...please, ladies give this book opportunity for God to speak to you. ~Marg

Another big hit for Sheri Rose Shepherd! I love all of Sheri Rose Shepherd's "His Princess" series, and this might be my favorite of all of them. Such beautiful thoughts and words about our Prince and our relationship to Him. As a single gal, this book touched me very deeply and I highly recommend it for any woman, despite your marital status! ~S.B. Moseley

Only reading the back of the book made me cry. After I received the book for Christmas from my kids, I read the back again and I start to cry again. Thank you so much for this wonderful remainder of how much my Prince love me and that I am His princess. I can't wait to see Him face to face and I want to be ready for His return! Lord Jesus help me to represent you in this world that others may know that you are the only love and hope. Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

I love this book! I read it in one day too..and then I fell asleep listening to the teaching CD which was meditating to my soul. This book is for all Princesses, even us functional ones. It's the perfect size book, the letters and the prayers are intimate, personal and heartfelt! I'm ordering 10 more for my family and friends. God bless you Sheri, my wonderful sistah in Christ. ~Adriene

I read the entire my prince will come book the first day I brought it home! Over a period of more than four hours, I rejoiced, I cried, I prayed, I pondered and I found freedom...freedom to love my Prince and be loved by Him no matter the circumstances of that very moment, the past or the present...I was just free to love on Him and be romanced by His Spirit. ~Heather

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