Preparing Him for the Other Woman

Sheri Rose Shepherd

$ 15.00
Preparing Him for the Other Woman

Can you raise your son to one day love, lead, and protect a wife and family in a world like this?

The answer is yes. The heartbeat of this book is to give you the tools to help your son become a tender warrior who will one day fight for his family, a godly husband who will faithfully love his wife, and a leader who will be a man of his word.

The time is now to take your love, tears, prayers, and influence and pour them into his future. Even if our world does not change its moral fiber, you can influence your son and bring hope to the next generation. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime—yours.

Story Behind the Book

When the manager of a large Christian bookstore told Sheri Rose Shepherd that readers of the popular His Princess TM series were futilely looking for material about raising their sons to be godly future husbands, she knew she could help. “Think about how much farther all men would be in their marriages if their moms had trained them how to one day love and understand their wives,” says Sheri Rose . “We can take all the mistakes we’ve made in our lives and use them to teach our sons the right way to live. And we can use our most powerful weapon of all—our prayers—to fight for them.”


Men spend years in marriage trying to figure out how to love and understand their wives, only to wind up frustrated and ready to give up. Who better to help a man begin to understand a woman than his mother? While you hope and pray for your son's future marriage, the time for your powerful influence is now!


Don't wait for the world to change its morality; let Preparing Him for the Other Woman show you how to shape your son's character and teach him how to interpret the heart of a woman. Find ways to make your home a place of refuge, growth, and peace as you guide him toward becoming the kind of man who looks to God for guidance in loving his wife well.

What Readers are Saying:

As a single mother of 3 sons this book has helped me immensely and I love it so much!! Thank you

I believe this book you have written is for me as a father to give to my sons (26 and 21) who one day are going to marry. I want them to have the wisdom what it is to love your mate. How to allow Jesus to flow through them to love their future wives to be. I thank God and you for this book. I need all the enhancements. enrichments of ways to love a woman. I had great teachers in my mother, nana, other friend who i saw love on their mates through it all. I want them to know height, the breadth and how deep they can love a woman through help, wisdom of God true word. Thank you and God bless

I devoured this book! It was inspiring and gave me practical tools I can use everyday with my 6 year old. I now feel prepared to help him love his future bride (oh, stab in my heart!).

I loved this book! This type of book was one that I had been looking for for a long time. I have a 14 year old son and also work for an organization that works with single moms. I am also ordering this book for my staff who have sons. I was feeling helpless since reading other books that put so much stress on dads being a part of their son's lives and leaving out what moms can do. I agree with dads being the important element in their son's lives 100 percent, but what about the son who doesn't have a father figure or whose father is not active in the son's life? This book gives helpful and easy information for any mom to understand and apply. I highlighted many things in my book so I have a quick reference when I slip up and stop encouraging my son like I want to be. It might be common sense to some moms but to some of the moms I know, this book will be great! It's an easy read, even for someone who doesn't care to read much. ~Happy Mom

This is, by far, my very favorite book on this subject matter that I have ever read. It has compelled me to write a review on it; I sent the link to my sister and friends and they all RAVED about it. More than anything, it has helped me to begin treating my "tiny husband" (as I used to think of him as) as a young man with a godly purpose to his life and doing it step-by-step this early on (he's 6)...which will help me to "let go" when God brings his wife to him someday. It will also allow him to "leave and cleave" to his wife in a healthy manner. ~B. Stephens

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